Député de la ville de Quatre Bornes (1963 - 1967) et député de la circonscription no. 18 (Belle Rose - Quatre Bornes) de 1967 à 1976. Co-fondateur de l'UDM, parti politique, en 1970, et leader de l'opposition, au Parlement mauricien, de 1970 à 1973.

Dr. Arvin Boolell: 'Maurice Lesage was a great political force'

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Tribute by Dr. Arvin Boolell sent on 24 November 2017 but published on 18 December 2017, just after the by-election in Constituency No. 18 (Belle Rose-Quatre Bornes).

I congratulate you!

The setting up of the Maurice Lesage website will lead to a treasure trove, a wealth of information for those who are keen to understand modern politics on the threshold of the 50th anniversary of our Independence.

Maurice Lesage was a great political force which everybody reckoned with. He was a powerful orator who humored sarcasm and wit to get his message through. He was a class above and earned the respect he deserved from all. Sir Satcam was a good friend of the St. Esprit boys - Leckning, Rivet, Lesage and Guy Ollivry and spoke eloquently of them. They commanded respect in Parliament which they dignified through the sheer force of their arguments.

Parliament then was "the temple of democracy where representatives of the people assembled to consider their expressed opinions and thoughtful disagreements before coming to an outcome in the interests not of a party but of a country as a whole." They were after all Honorable members of an August House . This is indeed a great tribute to a towering intellectual. He nevertheless remained who he was - a fine gentleman with a human touch. What is the purpose of being a human being if we are not humane.

God bless his family!

Rédigé le Vendredi 24 Novembre 2017 à 06:47 | Lu 259 fois


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